Monthly Archives: October 2008

Interview: Tim Patterson

Working in the online travel writing community means that sometimes you feel like you know people without having ever met them. Such is the case with Tim Patterson. A well known name on the Matador Network, he’s the editor of Matador Trips and a contributing editor at Brave New Traveler. […]

Rethinking Newspaper Travel Stories – Don’t Just Tell, Show

We read a lot about the death of print these days. For travel journalists like myself the statement is usually followed up with a stiff drink and not-so-fleeting moment of insecurity. Just this past week at the Society of American Travel Writers’ national conference in Houston, Texas, I met travel […]

National Geographic Glimpse Correspondents Wanted

This lead is for all the young journalists out there waiting for their big break. National Geographic Glimpse, a new multimedia platform devoted to exploring real life abroad, is looking for young talented storytellers who will be living abroad in Spring 2009 to join its Correspondents Program. This is an […]

Freelance Travel Writers Wanted to cover 15 European Cities for GPS Products

We’ve spotted an interesting opportunity for writers who’ve a serious passion for the most popular European metropoleis. Travel Channel Media need writers to cover cities including Madrid and Barcelona, London and Dublin, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, Venice, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and Prague. Writers will need to produce 120 […]

Three Emails You Should Read Every Day

It’s a short post today – I’m finishing the final touches on some presentations I’ll be giving at the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual conference in Houston, Texas, and I didn’t want to shortchange my interview with interactive journalist Tyson Anderson (check back soon for that one—he’s got some […]

City bloggers/editors wanted for blog network and guidebooks

I don’t have any statistics to back up this statement, but from personal experience and gauging from what I have seen and read over the last year, blogs have definitely become the way to search for travel info. Even big guidebook series like Frommer’s and Lonely Planet have expanded their […]