Freelance Travel Writers Wanted to cover 15 European Cities for GPS Products

We’ve spotted an interesting opportunity for writers who’ve a serious passion for the most popular European metropoleis. Travel Channel Media need writers to cover cities including Madrid and Barcelona, London and Dublin, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, Venice, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and Prague.

Writers will need to produce 120 travel-related points of interest for European cities, which will then be used as content for a series of GPS-specific products offered by the Travel Channel.

Points of interest in European cities always far suppass the 120 mark, so coming up with enough restaurants, museums, galleries, stadiums, parks etc should be a breeze. The challenge is more likely to be deciding which to include and which to leave out. Writers should live (or have lived) in or near the city he or she is writing about and be comfortable entering data into a web-based content management system.




The chosen writer/writers must have access to the Internet and be able to work in a deadline driven environment. Clear and concise writing is paramount—as is accuracy. Guidebook and magazine writing experience is a definite plus.

Hours are flexible.To apply contact Christopher Collier at

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