1.16.05 Not So Weekly Stats

Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather: 61F, 16C

Current Reads: Poker : The Real Deal by Phil Gordon and Jonathan Grotenstein, and Chance: A Guide to Gambling, Love, the Stock Market and Just About Everything Else by Amir D. Aczel (THANKS, John!)

Did I turn to the Love chapter first?: Yes

Will I be following Aczel’s method?: Ummm, no. Or maybe I’ll ask a statistician or two, how the hell long it would take (weeks, months, years?) for me to meet the next 37 available men that I encounter. And if I went on a date with all of them, how many hours would that take?

“You will maximize your probability of finding the best spouse if you date about thirty-seven percent of the available candidates in your life, and then choose to stay with the next candidate who is better than all previous ones.”

Yeah, he went on to explain some stuff that didn’t sound doable to me. And then added this:

“So if you are a young woman who expects to meet one hundred attractive bachelors over her dating years, you should let the first thirty-seven go, and marry the first one you meet thereafter who is more attractive to you than all thirty-seven young men you have already dated.

Reaction: I would’ve had to have started this when I was 16. Next, I’ll have to ask my best friend Dan if I’ve dated 37 men as he is the only one who can remember all the ones I’ve long forgotten. And I don’t think I’m close. Maybe half. But if we’re talking “meet”, well hell, sure, I’ve said hello to 37 single men since I started dating. Still, it would be interesting to see what number I’m on just to have some interesting dramas and potential story leads when #37 comes along. I have a few emails to send out…

Movies this week: If you’re my friend, you’ll come over and take me to one before I start crying because I haven’t been to a movie since Christmas. Seriously, call it exaggeration, or call it withdrawals, the choice is yours.




Pitches: No time for pitches. What am I talking about…I’ve been researching one for a mag. I just haven’t finished it yet.

Assignments: Can’t remember.

Biggest thrill: Don George asking me to be on the faculty at this year’s Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference. (August!)

Current writing: Zero, I’m reading everyone else’s.

Number of submissions in my inbox this week: 69

On or offline poker played: 0 🙁

TV poker watched: Ultimate Poker Challenge with Daniel Negreanu and Evelyn Ng as hosts.

Wifi Girl: Susan’s house –Woohoo!

Next trip: Vegas for Superbowl. But I don’t know if I can wait that long. Help?!

Number of friends who are worried I’m going to get addicted to gambling when I move to Vegas: 1

Number of friends attempting to make my move easier: 1

Number of poker lessons I got this week: 2

Best line that put me on tilt: “God you’re sexy!” said a man in our office building as I entered the room.

Shades of red I turned before exclaiming “You can’t say that to me!”: 6

His reply: “Yes, I can, you’re leaving next week.”

What I was thinking while I chatted with him for the next fifteen minutes: Reactions like this are going to keep me from being a good poker player. I mean, come on, I’m dead money if I get flustered this easily. Any guy could say that at a table.

Jobs: Working at Travelers’ Tales for a few more weeks/months?

What are you up to?
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