2006 Travel Writing Resolutions, Opportunities

Happy New Year Everyone! So, what are your goals? Are you making any fantasy resolutions of writing more, pitching more, finally dusting off the manuscript you were working on last year and giving it a fresh look? Are you going to move from department blurbs to magazine features? Maybe you want to try out for the Amazing Race or run around the world on your own and be a travel blogging master or diva. Huh?

For myself I want to build my own Jen Leo megalopolis. A project city where great ideas can turn into reality. Where books don’t sit idle, but get their chance to grow and be published and marketed to the mass market. Where websites become communities, and where those that were once students become experts in their own right.

Dreaming too big? Never. Can all the projects I want to start come to fruition? We won’t know unless we try. I keep having this notion that assistants are the answer. But we shall see…

Here’s my year thus mapped so far:

January—finish the Night + Day Las Vegas for PulseGuides.com
February—write The Girlfriend’s Guide to Dating a Poker Player, get agent, start selling it
March—push hard for a travel/gambling TV gig
April—What Color is Your Jockstrap? releases
May—promotion for Jockstrap
July + August—World Series of Poker in Las Vegas
September—Written Road Travel Writing Class in Las Vegas (TBA)




There are of course off the record projects where the assistants come into play, but lets talk about the ones where any one of you can participate in.

Written Road Contributor
— Kelly Amabile is taking off on her own RTW trip and that will leave room on the team for someone to contribute to the Market Leads and Resources for Writers section. Thanks to Connor Grennan, we’ve got an archive of what has already been done, what’s live, and where we have room to grow. This is an unpaid position but I’m all for taking the right candidate under my wing and returning mentorship. What do you need? Lets talk.

writer — Kelly has also been working on event listings for my new Vegas blog. I am looking for her immediate replacement. This is a paid position on par with other blogging jobs (read, lots of exposure, little dollars). I work with you to provide you leads, and you provide regular short postings in our style to the tune of 75-100 posts per month. It is a temporary position. A Vegas resident is preferred but not required.

If anyone has any interest in these positions, give me a shout. jen at jenleo dot com.

It’s going to be a great year everyone. I’m flying high and fast, and I’m all for helping you come along for the ride.

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