Back to Blogging!

northernter.jpgMan, I’ve been loving these posts lately. Thanks so much to Kelly and Terah for covering on my hiatus. I’ve been working on More Sand in My Bra with Julia Weiler in Eugene, OR, Portland and Seattle doing events for What Color is Your Jockstrap, and then jetting directly over to Europe for back to back poker tournaments in Barcelona and London for the Poker Stars European Poker Tour. No, I wasn’t playing, but there’s decent money in writing about it.

I would love a breather that’s longer than a week and a half, but on Friday I jet off to Australia. Tourism NT is bringing me over there to have a look at the Northern Territory and of course I’m going to do my best to write them up in both print and online markets.

The piece that Kelly did about going gadgetless addresses several topics that I feel like we could talk about for days. The one that I’m thinking about now, is whether or not to take my laptop to the Northern Territory. While I will have some internet access, maybe a couple times a week at best, what I’m needing it the most for is pictures. If I take 100+ digital pictures a day, it’s going to be best to edit them right then and there, daily, because we all know that when we get back we have better things to do. Like making up the work we missed for being gone for three weeks!




Also, I would love to do some video casts. I wasn’t able to buy the video camera that I wanted, but I might be able to get some quickies from my Canon digital camera which has a few minutes of movie time on it.

So, yes, I’m still blogging. I’m back to blogging. I’ve also revamped my personal blog, JenLeoLIVE! and will be ramping that up as well. Life is good. There is lots of opportunity. And what I find to be the most important thing, is to strive for a balanced life and be the best person I can possibly be. If we make that, be the best writer we can be, then it’s positivity all the way around. Good luck, and get writing!

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