I Obviously Need to “Evelate” My Level of Editing

So, The Thong Also Rises got an awful review in the Ventura County Reporter.

“The Bar Should Be Raised for The Thong Also Rises”

I wish that Jen Leo, rather than choosing which stories to include the anthology, had actually edited the writing in the stories. That could have evelated this entertaining-but-forgettable book from a comparison to channel-surfing to (gasp!) maybe even one of those HBO series you turn on the TV to watch. But it’s not there; and it’s too bad it’s not, because these stories had potential.




I’m not going to make excuses or defend the book, or my editing. But I wanted to share this with you because I know that there are authors out there working on their own books. So, if you ever get a bad review you can say, “Hey, Jen got one, too, no biggee, learn and move on.” It is impossible for us to please all the critics. Heck, it’s hard enough to please ourselves. Bad reviews happen, good reviews happen, too.

And the best part of this review is that I learned a new word—evelated!

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