Moving to NYC

I’m married now, been everywhere, and finally earning enough scratch to stay afloat, so my wife and I are relocating to New York City, home of all my childhood hopes and dreams. Are plan was to buy a house here in Columbus and stay for a few years and then head to NYC, but we could foresee getting way too comfortable and never leaving. Moneywise it’s a terrible idea, but we’re dreamers and need to go make some mistakes.

Claudia, my wife, is a perfectly bilingual graphic designer and web designer, so won’t have any trouble finding a great job. Me, I’ll still be freelancing but will be spending way more than I am used to, so it is going to be a bit rough at first and I may be taking on a few odd jobs here and there. I’m considering taking on a full time editing gig, have applied to a few, and am still exploring the options, but ideally I’d like to have a flexible enough schedule to keep freelancing and traveling every now and again.




We won’t be in the city until the first week of January and I have a 3 week trip in Honduras to work on a guide and a few days in New Orleans to rediscover Cajun cuisine, so it hasn’t really hit me yet. Slowly, though, my collection of crap and my thousands of books are being boxed up, so the anticipation grows.

If anyone has any job or apartment leads, please send them our way!

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