Now You See It, Now You Don’t

I seem to be having many a over-blogging and under-blogging phases here on Written Road.

Phases of being swamped, uninspired, hungover; phases of my eyes wanting to bleed from the number of hours glued to the screen; phases of sitting those number of hours and watching the best of YouTube leaving me tired and brain numb — an excuse not to write.

But with the ultimate goal of writing something worth being read, elation and oomph has occasionally overtaken and produced some work I am happy with.

I got my first printed clips in Madrid based European Vibe Magazine; I’ve started blogging for Vagabonding, which I am absolutely kicked about; I did some tests for being a World Hum blogger — didn’t get it, but was happy with what I sent and just being shortlisted was cool. So yeah, over a year of focused travel-blogging and today I feel like I’m almost getting somewhere. I feel like I have started getting glimpses of this road everyone always talks about.




It’s funny how when I quit my full-time public relations job, I thought I’d have time to do everything I wanted. But I never seem to have enough time! They say when you want to start a career as a writer, NEVER quit your day job; but how would I have found the time to do even a shred of the writing I am doing now, then, with a 9am-7pm job!?

“You have to make time, honey,” is what my father would say to that. But you know what dad, it’s hard.

Anyway, being busy when you are officially unemployed is a good thing. I don’t count teaching English as a full-time job, but it pays the bills and I work on my time, which is everything you want from a job you are doing to keep the food on the table, right?

So, since I’m seeing this road — irrespective of it being distant, long, and winding, at least I see it, so here’s my cheer to that!

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