Technical Difficulties

Bear with me. I spent too much time yesterday downloading, labeling, and resizing the Montreal pics to go with my last Montreal/Sand post. All for not. It won’t be until late afternoon, early evening or even tomorrow until I can get them going, so thanks for your patience. And trust me, the post is nothing without the pics, so it’ll be worth the wait.

Until then, I’m looking forward to a HUGE catch up writing weekend. If I didn’t have enough on my to-do list before I left, I added four stories to the line up on my trip. And that’s not counting the great lead I got talking to a biz dev guy on the planeride home. Usually, I fall asleep and avoid talking to seatmates on the plane (unless I’m in the face to face seats), but this time it was definitely worth it. Not just a writing lead, but good conversation. He was so encouraging, ambitious, and positive that I had to tell him to settle down.




Talk to people. Everywhere. You never know if what they are passionate about could lead to an interesting story for you.

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