Wintering in Belgium

Through the tour I avoided talk about my winter editing/writing/traveling stint in Belgium. I just didn’t have the mindspace to think beyond the tour. So, I’m letting you know that I’m officially open for suggestions.

I was thrilled to get a roundtrip ticket from LA to London for only $322 including taxes. Other great deals can be found on, and

I’ll be gone Dec 8 – Mid Feb. After that my schedule is open and it’s too soon to answer what’s next.




One of the things I will be doing is making appointments to meet with UK travel publications. At the top of my list is Wanderlust and Global Adventurer. Sure there are a number of others, but those are my two current faves. If you have anyone in particular that you’d like me to connect with and get info from, just speak up and I’ll see what I can do.

I’d also like to meet people at:
Globe Trekker, and the people who produce the shows at Sky Travel

Here’s an article on Writing for UK Travel Magazines.

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