Pitching is a Bitch

I just discovered the wonderful Saveur Magazine last year and only had the chance to read a few of the issues. I subscribed almost immediately after reading it for the first time, but only had the chance to catch the initial few issues before I moved to Peru for the past 6 months. Now that I’m back in the States I’ve got my hands on all the issues I missed and began to read through them. First let me state that I’ve this magazine on my mind the past 6 months because I really wanted to write for them. It’s a great magazine that focuses on world cuisines and often has travel related features and smaller pieces. Over the past 6 months I developed two ideas: one on native Hawaiian foods from street stalls around Oahu and another on Peruvian Ceviche and Tiradito (both a little more complex and specific, but that’s the gist of them). They both would fit in well with the magazine well and I think if I pitched the right maybe one would be accepted.

As I caught up with my description I realize that there already is a piece on Hawaiian food. It’s a bit different and more general about eating on the islands as a whole. Shit. I pick up the next issue and open the page to find a feature on Northern Peruvian cuisine. Fuck. Fuck. Again it’s a little different than mine and focuses on Trujillo and includes a ceviche recipe. Concha su madre. I didn’t get them sent or even on the page yet and they are already taken. Granted even if I submitted these two ideas 6 months ago the other articles were already in the works so it would have gotten me nowhere.




So, what do I do now? The only thing I can do. Both ideas are way too similar to go in Saveur anytime in the next few years. I just have to develop the pitches for another magazine and try something else for Saveur. If I want to look on the bright side I guess I know I’m on the right track for making the magazine, but still….shit.

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