Podcast: Interview with Tony and Maureen Wheeler

tonynmaureen.jpg What are the travel trends today? What is the future of travel? Has it all been done? Will the next generation of travel be virtual?

You can listen to some of these topics being discussed on the Independent’s podcast of a recent interview with Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of the Lonely Planet.




It is 22-minutes long, but full of anecdotes and chuckles from the duo themselves. It is a personal, inspiring and simple conversation with people who have changed the way we travel. They touch upon their experiences from India to Jamaica and Oman; talk about the sheer amount of frivolous travel we do today, and Tony tells us about his new ‘axis of evil’ book “Bad Lines” that is due out in April. You must listen to it.

Also, until the 21st of February, the Wheelers are on a driving challenge from Plymouth (England) to Banjul (West Africa). To read updates from their trip, you can visit their blog here.

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