Publishers Lunch Got Me This Time

Publishers Lunch has been slowly guilt tripping me into getting their subscription service. I can’t read one cheap version without feeling like an absolute moron for not having the full strength version. $15 a month isn’t that much for what they do for us. It’s not. And if I didn’t think that the word “should” acted more like a four letter word than a six, I’d be telling you to purchase it.

Today, they got me. Right where it hurts.




You Could Learn and Blog
Today our longer Lunch Deluxe e-mail features our weekly survey of interesting stories found in blogs, with of wide variety of provocative reporting and opinions. And some of our favorite blogs–like bookseller Robert Gray’s and author MJ Rose’s–are actually hosted at PublishersMarketplace. Among the many privileges of membership is the ability to post a blog, or a regular web page, that we host, helping you capture the attention of others in the book publishing business.”

Dammit. Now, after I finish the blog post that I’m two days late on, and I take care of some other urgent tasks, I will have to break out the plastic and do this. Don’t they know I’m unemployed? I need to spend some time writing letters for sponsorship. This is the second thing in 24 hours that I need that I don’t want to spend money on. But I’m weak to an ad like this one. Weak I say. Now, if they were really smart they would’ve mentioned free boyfriends and comped tickets to Vegas for every person that signs on 20 others. An ad like that would’ve had me six months ago!!!

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