Rock into the Matador Travel Community

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege to join the Matador Travel Community. I first found it talked about on Craigslist as a community for people interested in travel, music & art, writing & photography, sports, and positive global development. It sounded interesting and it got me in touch with young, friendly travel enthusiast Ross Borden, and he made me a member. This was when site was still in closed beta. Today I am thrilled to inform you that it has just gone live and is open to be part of.

Ross Borden, who along with long time friend and travel buddy Ben Polansky, has spent the last 14 months working on this portal. More on these dudes can be found here, and an extract from an email shot he sent out today, couldn’t describe the site better:

“…Over the past four months hundreds of people from over 30 countries, and from all walks of life, have converged on Matador (Closed Beta). Many of them aren’t even traveling, but the advice they have shared about the places they know and love, has laid the foundation for a tremendous information resource made up of like-minded people in dozens of cities around the world.

They are writers, photographers, filmmakers, NGO workers, musicians, explorers, and adventure athletes. These are the people who have kept the fire burning for us because they share our passion for travel and culture, and we believe there are thousands more just like them…”




You can join this awesome network by registering here.You must check it out.

What’s more, the boys are having a public launch party for the website on Saturday, March 31st, at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. It will feature some of the city’s top DJ’s and a diverse collection of art and photography from local people in the Bay. More details of this party can be found here.


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