Travels in Europe: One Writer’s Perspective

VENER 006.jpgAs mentioned here previously, beginning this week I’ll be publishing a series of posts about my recent European travels. I hope that by sharing my personal perspective on certain aspects of the journey, the Written Road community can exchange ideas, strategies and stories related to topics such as journaling, pitching queries, sending postcards and managing technology while on the road. The posts will focus on how reading, writing, researching and communicating shaped and influenced this particular travel experience.

I purposely included the word researching in the above sentence because I want to clarify that I consider myself equal parts researcher and writer, but that the majority of my professional experience is with the former. Research is my forte, but writing is my passion…not my full-time profession. Throughout this series I’ll share strategies that work for me, but will also reference tips of the trade I’ve learned from various writing professionals.

A few words about my trip: This five month adventure was purely about the travel experience. I did not depart for Portugal on February 15 with several pre-pitched stories in my pocket, although I’m learning every day since my return that with just a little more advance prep, I probably could have. On future excursions I may head out with a pre-arranged assignment or idea, digital camera and audio recorder in tow. But this recent trip-of-a-lifetime was low tech and without goals, except for one: To revisit Europe after ten years away and record the experience in my journals. Done.




Now that I’ve returned, I have clarified the role that travel and writing play in my life — they are two distinct passions that make me tick — I’m a traveler. I’m a writer. That, plus an insatiable curiosity and knack for research means that opportunities surely exist for me to combine these two interests, and this website it one of those places. I welcome you to follow along as I explore these dimensions of travel and writing.

First topic: Guidebooks. Look for the post tomorrow afternoon.

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