Turn Your Blog into a Book!

Gina Trapani, the kick ass editor of Lifehacker and the author of Lifehacker: 88 Tech Tricks to Turbocharge Your Day opens her guru vault to share tips on how to get your own wisdom spun from blog to book.

Read it. And stay tuned for the next part in this yummy series of posts.
Geek to Live: Turn your blog into a book, part 1




“Lifehacker works as a book because it’s a topic-based site with a central thesis: that you can re-engineer your personal workflow to be more efficient using technology. Your book’s also going to have a central thesis (unless it’s fiction), and all the material in it will center around that. Write your blog that way too. Note that your book won’t have pages in it apologizing for not posting more, or ranting about how you’re sad the Jets lost yesterday. Like your book, your blog-to-be-book should center around a statement, one that you believe in passionately and love to write about. And you should write about it, every day, without fail.”

Makes you want to buy the book, doesn’t it!

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