Amanda Congdon vs. 7 Days in a Sentra

It seems like these are the two most prevalent marketing campaigns in the travel world right now. I’m hearing about them everywhere. So, I did a Google fight between them

7 Days in a Sentra:
Just what the title says, Marc Horowitz lived in his car for a week. And videoed it. Does the TV commercial with Marc Horowitz using the power cord make me think I can charge my laptop in there make me want to buy one? Yes! Did I find out later that’s just for audio. Yes. Was it too late because I already think it’s really cool and the affordable sticker price make me still want one? YES! I liked him/loved the promo even more because he was using an Apple laptop. Who is this ad team? They did a great job, even if I am a sucker. Here’s Marc’s blog.




Amanda Across America

Amanda Congdon is traveling across America doing a videoblog. I am not a fan. It’s like she’s trying too hard. Yes, she’s done a great job with this trip as a branding and namebuilding effort. But the videos don’t do it for me and I absolutely can’t stand the dancing bit. Matt did it already. Ellen does it all the time. Amanda doing it makes it seem like she wants to be them. Still, she’s getting heaps of traffic and followers. Goodonher.

So, who won the Google fight? Amanda Congdon vs. 7 Days in a Sentra. I bet you can already guess.

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