Rent Books from anywhere

Books Free is the Netflix of the lit world. It just came to my inbox, but they’ve already been in the news. Pay a montly fee, make a list of books that you want, Booksfree sends it to you, then you return whenever you want with no late fees, and then they’ll send you another one. They’ve got five different plans to choose from depending on how many books you want to take out at a time.

I like this because there are plenty of people who don’t/can’t leave their house, can’t afford to buy every book they want to read, or just might not want to go to the library, for whatever reasons. And especially those that live too far from either a library or a bookstore.




This is a good service, but their categories are not quite up to speed. For example, doing a site search for travel didn’t amount to a hill of beans. But when I searched by author, there were plenty of books by Bill Bryson and Tim Cahill, but only one by Pico Iyer. They even had Sand in My Bra (but none of the others in the series).

They’ve got near 100,000 products in their selection. In addition to books they also have audio books, MP3-CDs, and their own blog. Check it out.

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