Job Lead: Coolhunter Contributors

One of the coolest on line cultural and trendy websites is Coolhunter. As the name suggests, it writes about anything cool for a young and happening audience. Hits speak for quality: with about 1.4 million hits a month — 420,000 of which are unique visitors — it is definitely a […]

Swamped But Loving It

Sorry from my end also for being a bit lax on posting here. I’ve been over my head blogging (not writing :)) Other than Written Road, I now write for Gadling, Vagablogging, Gridskipper, and Map Magazine — am committed to doing a minimum of 26 posts a week (!!!!!!), that […]

Job Lead: Adventure Journey

Online adventure travel magazineAdventure Journey, is looking for several freelancers willing to work on an on-and-off basis over an extended period of time. You just have to be a motivated writer passionate about the world, it’s people and places. You have to be able to produce high-quality articles of 2,000+ […]

Guest Article: Tips For Your First Press Trip

Here at Written Road, we have the privilege of being in contact with some great travel-writers who want to share their expertise. Sometimes, we get even luckier and they offer to write something for us! This article is a guest piece written by Andrea Calabretta — a freelance writer and […]

Write, Get Published and Win Money

I must have said this a million times, and I’m going to say it again so roll your eyes if you want 🙂 — for novice writers, getting your work out there should be your first objective, whether it’s writing for free or writing to win a competition. Some advantages […]

Solas Awards Deadline – October 15

Deadline for Travelers’ Tales annual competition to honor excellence in travel writing — The Solas Awards — is a week away. (Although you can enter year round) For those not familiar with Travelers’ Tales or the Solas Awards, go to www.BestTravelWriting.com for more information and how to enter. There are […]