Jen Leo

Broaden your travel writing skills with Tony Perrottet

When travel meets history on the bookshelves, you’ll find Tony Perrottet right there. The author of Naked Olympics and Pagan Holiday: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists, it is a real treat that Tony is turning towards teaching. He’s intelligent, engaging, and this class is a wonderful opportunity to […]

Homemade Outdoor Gear

Handmade things seem to be all the rage these days. Can we attribute it to all the craft bloggers? I would love to think so. I was surfing around and this site caught me totally off guard. Homemade Outdoor Gear This helpful resource is full of links and instructions on […] Online travel shopping

I was thrilled to get an email from Easy Going today. They were a great Bay Area travel store and a regular stop for Travelers’ Tales author events. I had been attending events, and reading there for ten years. A few years ago Easy Going had to close their brick […]

Travel Channel: Photo Journeys

I love that the Travel Channel is featuring top photographers. They’ve started a section called Photo Journeys and so far they’ve got three artists represented including my friend Alison Wright. Each “photo journey” consists of a slideshow with captions from the photographer and a travelogue or dispatch from their trip […]