Jen Leo

Writers Wanted: Fisher Travel SOS

Are you looking to be a part of a travel website from the ground up? Fishers Travel SOS is looking for you. I had a chance to chat with Julian Fisher about his project, and it sounds like a worthwhile venture. His aim is to create a global guidebook of […]

Launching What Color is Your Jockstrap?

What Color is Your Jockstrap? is going to hit bookstore shelves this week. We’re ramping up the PR front, and have just launched the website. I’ve recently been studying book blogs, helping authors create their own, and tried my best on this one. The beauty of having a blog is […]

Introducing Terah Shelton

I’ve been promising the addition of new volunteer writers on Written Road so we can expand this community, and we finally got it going! Kelly Amabile was our first and is off seeing the world with more than 100 days under her belt. Now, Terah Shelton is here and she’s […]

Doug Lansky’s Signspotting Best Sign Contest

I just got Doug Lansky’s Signspotting book this week, and it’s crazy fun. You know, all those weird signs you see when you’re traveling- the kind that don’t quite fit with the scenery, in or out of context? Well, funloving travel vet Doug Lansky has compiled a book of them […]

Hey Savages, Go Get Your J. Maarten Troost!

Thanks, to World Hum, I just found out that the new Troost is out! I loved the Sex Lives of Cannibals—Troost’s wit is hard to beat. He is F–U–N–N–Y! Here’s some info on the new book: Getting Stoned with Savages:“Troost struggles against typhoons, earthquakes, and giant centipedes and soon finds […]

I’ve Always Wanted a Jockstrap for my Bday

Hello Summer! Tell me time is flying by for you, too. What Color is Your Jockstrap is hot off the press, literally. It came this weekend just in time for my 35th bday today. Two books in one year! That’s right, another humor book…and man oh man is this one […]

Donna Talarico’s Query-A-Day

What a cool writer! Sure, we all say we should start doing this, but Donna actually is. She’s making a concentrated effort to get more bylines. Her new blog, Query a Day: A Freelancer’s Quest for Publication, documents her daily efforts. She’s pitching Oprah Magazine, working on a children’s book, […]

Cody’s is Closing?

I just heard that Cody’s in Berkeley is closing. My distance from the Bay Area leaves me out of the loop sometimes. This is a famed indie bookstore, and the one where I met the ever-so-sexy Redmond O’Hanlon and got his book, Trawler, signed. Well, this article suggested it, but […]

Story Lead: Magic Johnson Travel Group

Magic Johnson has his name on a new home-based travel franchise group that is focusing on African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American customers. Here is the press release. Magic Johnson Enterprises Launches Minority Focused, Home-Based Travel Agency I think an interesting story angle would be about the customers. Who are they and […]