Jen Leo

Turn Here: Air Your Own Travel Show

If you’ve ever been bored with the Travel Channel, TURN HERE. It’s a super cool collection of video guidebooks. Turn Here: Short Films. Cool Places. With viral videos sweeping the Internet, it was only time before it got a travel spin. All I have to say is, Anthony Bourdain—get packing. […]

Sideways Printed Books

I randomly found this weird but interesting book feature this morning. Bed Books That’s right, you can lay in bed, or on the couch, and not have to turn your neck, or the book, to get more comfortable. So far there have a bunch of classics in print, and the […]

Clean up day for me

I turned down a trip to Vegas today. I love Vegas, and since I can work from anywhere, a hotel room with high speed internet and a big soothing bath tub a few steps away always sounds good to me. Even for one night while the man takes his meetings. […]

LA Times Book Fest Travel Panel

Leslie Berestein, Jim Benning, Elliott Hester, Don George, Me – Jen Leo Around the World in 60 Minutes: Travel Writing at the LA Times Book Fest, was one of the better panels I attended this weekend, and I’m not just saying that because it’s one of my favorite subjects. I […]

Story Lead: Best Spas 2006

Mobil just announced their favorite spas. Mobil Travel Guide’s ‘Best of the Best’ Spas 2006 I’ve only been to some of the ones in Vegas, way down on the four star list. There were only two Five Stars— The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental New York Spa Montage at Montage […]

Pictures from the LA Times Book Fest

Had a good time at the LA Times Book Fest yesterday. Heading back over there now to meet Jim Benning and see the Don George, Elliott Hester panel. Might also catch the Peter Hessler one. Here is the line up of panels for Sunday. There were no problems getting in […]

From Writer to Housewife?

Got the boyfriend. Got a rented house. Got the new job as a housewife? Well, I’m not married yet, but I don’t know what else to call it when you inherit a second house-duties job because you’re the one that works at home. Have any of you ever suddenly got […]

LA Times Book Fest Tickets at Ticketmaster

The LA Times Book Fest is Huge. It’s the biggest literary event on the West Coast. And, believe it or not, this is the first year I’m going. I didn’t plan months ahead and try and get on a panel, but thanks to the World Hum reminder last week, I’m […]

Wandering Moleskine Project

My friends at Moleskinerie are launching a second WANDERING MOLESKINE PROJECT. I highly encourage writers and artists to participate. And lets give them some of our travel love! The first notebook will be released on May 1, 2006. What’s funny about this, is that in reading the Moleskine post right […]