New AdventureLogue from BootsnAll

Greetings, all. In the name of shameless self-promotion and keeping it all in the BootsnAll family, I’d like to officially announce the unofficial launch of the Adventure Travel Logue at www.adventurelogue.com. You may remember from a few weeks back that BnA was looking for travel guides for their new series […]

Travel Writing contest from Traveler’s Tales

The folks at Travelers’ Tales are at it again. T.T. has launched the Solas Awards for Best Travel Story of the Year, an annual competition to find the best writing being done about the world today. Solas is an Irish word for “light,” according to T.T. Executive Director Larry Habegger. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel

Not quite sure what to make of this site just yet, but I think it’s worth keeping an eye on. Beginner’s Guide to Adventure Travel is one of dozens of Beginner’s Guide sites, constructed in a style somewhere between About.com and the “for Dummies” series of books. The Adventure Travel […]

Bay Area Travel Writing Internship

Boulevards New Media is looking to bolster its staff for its numerous city sites like San Francisco.com, LosAngeles.com and SanJose.com by offering travel writing internships as a possible foot in the door to a paid gig further down the road. The internship can be done via telecommuting with a couple […]

Linking Travel to Current Events and Special Dates

There’s often plenty of room for travel writing in newspapers outside of the travel sections. Be creative in thinking of ways to link your travel experiences to current events or upcoming special occasions such as holidays. Wire services like New American Media out of San Francisco or High Country News’ […]

Scouring the earth for travel video

For those of you that are technologically inclined (or obsessed) enough to lug a camcorder along on your travels, you might be interested in what the boys at scourist.com are doing. The bare-bones site publishes short travel videos on a regular basis. Be sure to check out the Namibia safari […]

U.S. City Editors needed: Fisher’s SOS

Not long ago, Jen told you about Fisher’s Travel SOS and their noble mission to create a global guidebook of local emergency services for both business travelers and tourists. Well, Julian Fisher and his crew are getting ready to roll things out, but they’re still looking for editors for the […]

Calls for Submissions: inTravel & Pology

inTravel Magazine is a new online travel magazine and forum currently looking for freelance submissions on topics ranging from romantic places and unique cultural experiences to travel book reviews. They’re also looking for photos and longer features on personal travel experiences. They’re paying in t-shirts, but the site has a […]