Tim Shisler

Three Emails You Should Read Every Day

It’s a short post today – I’m finishing the final touches on some presentations I’ll be giving at the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual conference in Houston, Texas, and I didn’t want to shortchange my interview with interactive journalist Tyson Anderson (check back soon for that one—he’s got some […]

Pitching Multimedia? Make Sure To Answer These Four Questions

Businessweek.com Editor and Chief John Byrne recently said, “It’s not, as some people say it is, ‘online vs. print,’ because the contrasts are actually more insidious and dangerous than that. The more threatening contrast is between aggregation and original content — because aggregation is something that’s cheap.” His words, though […]

Video Interview: Talking Travel Photography With John Kaemmerling

Working out the technical kinks to embed the video directly into the blog, but until then, check out Written Road’s new video channel over at Vimeo.com. The first video features John Kaemmerling, a San Francisco based portrait and wedding photographer, discussing some of his favorite travel photos and what he […]

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid, And Other Great Advice

Just this past weekend while sipping coffee and soaking up the late-summer sun in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California, I met up with Karen Kefauver, an experienced adventure travel writer with a growing interest in new media. Karen, who I had connected with through my first post on Written […]

Job Lead: Backpacker.com and Bicycling.com

Looking to add to your online portfolio? Then check out this lead from Backpacker.com and Bicycling.com. The Rundown: Using a GPS unit, ride, hike and run local trails and routes in your area and national parks. Upload the tracks online, add photos, video clips, points of interest and a short […]

Hi, My Name Is Tim, And I Am An Alcoholic

Okay not really, but if the expense account is big enough…. Last night while smashed up against the uber-fit writing crowd of Boulder, Colorado (read: I just ran a marathon and decided to swim a mile to cool down), I kept hearing the theme of online journalism popping up. Now […]