Pitching is a Bitch

I just discovered the wonderful Saveur Magazine last year and only had the chance to read a few of the issues. I subscribed almost immediately after reading it for the first time, but only had the chance to catch the initial few issues before I moved to Peru for the […]

Travel Writing ain’t always easy

I’m on assignment in Costa Rica at the moment and wanted to share just a general thought or feeling you could say about travel writing. It can be an absolute pain in the ass. At times it canI spent about 25 hours or so getting from Peru to Costa Rica […]

I’ve moved to Madrid

Incase you were wondering, I have not been able to post until today because I have just relocated from Dubai (UAE) to Madrid.There was a compelling need to uproot my life and shake it up a little, if nothing else but to stir up some good writing. A bit like […]

Read. No Excuses.

When I used to work in public relations (a corporate job that I recently quit, to live abroad and write) I never seemed to have time to read. 9am to 7pm-high stress job, 2-hours in traffic, need to go out and socialize, come home dead and ready for bed. Besides, […]

Back to Blogging!

Man, I’ve been loving these posts lately. Thanks so much to Kelly and Terah for covering on my hiatus. I’ve been working on More Sand in My Bra with Julia Weiler in Eugene, OR, Portland and Seattle doing events for What Color is Your Jockstrap, and then jetting directly over […]