Switching Emails

I recently redirected my email address. Jen at Jen Leo dot com was going to a Yahoo account and now it’s redirected to a gmail account. I know there are a handful of you that have written me in the past few months regarding help and/or the holiday help I […]

Thunderbird…Just in the Nick of Time

I've been saved from a crescendo of email despair. My yahoo mail system has been dragging me down, and I got organizational envy when Larry and I were on the flight back from NYC. He had d’loaded all his email and was answering them on the flight. One in the […]

Something For the To-Do List

Make sure to come to Miami on the East Coast tour. October is perfect with the start of “season”, lots of fun places to hang out and be fabulous and meet other fabulous or at least foxy people, a great book store called Books and Books that has recently hosted […]

Why Poker?

My move to Las Vegas and blogging at pPlayer is starting to attract a question I hadn’t given much thought to….why? As in, why poker? Me being me, it seems natural. I’ve grown up in a family of gamblers (except for my dad and most likely not my mom if […]

Invite Me to Dinner if You Are Extra Smart

I was trolling my Bloglines tonight while I waited for my laundry to dry. This post reminded me that I haven’t been to a good dinner party in a while. When You Know Your Calling… You know that I love eating. And if you’ve met me you know that I […]

Quick Update

Yes, I've got lots of leads and goss to pass to you. But time and energy is at a maximum tightness right now. Susan, who does about five jobs at Travelers’ Tales had back surgery yesterday and I’m in the office trying to cover said, five, or is it six, […]

Gambler Girl considers her first memoir

As you know I'm planning on moving to Vegas for the summer to watch the World Series of Poker. I’m in the process of pitching article ideas to magazines, but I’m also tinkering with the idea of writing a book about my experience there. Notice I said watch, some friends […]

BootsnAll Travel Party

I'm off to Portland for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Nick is back from Bali and I can’t wait to see him! It’s been TWO years! And what a wild ride these two years have been. It feels like I’ve lived three since last year’s party. Anyway, if you’re feeling spontaneous, […]

Love Travel

I was out with Jim, his wife Leslie, and Rolf last week. Yeah, when we’re together we talk about travel books, travel writers, travel, but all sorts of other stuff that non travel writers talk about, too. On this one particular night, I can’t remember if we were in Tijuana, […]

Turkey and Poker

Last year's Thanksgiving story, “We're All Turkeys,” can’t be beat. It is one of my favorites. This year the universal way for the Leos to show their love at Thanksgiving was to show up. My uncle brought his family of five from the East Coast (Virginia and North Carolina). This […]