Cool Things

Homemade Outdoor Gear

Handmade things seem to be all the rage these days. Can we attribute it to all the craft bloggers? I would love to think so. I was surfing around and this site caught me totally off guard. Homemade Outdoor Gear This helpful resource is full of links and instructions on […] Online travel shopping

I was thrilled to get an email from Easy Going today. They were a great Bay Area travel store and a regular stop for Travelers’ Tales author events. I had been attending events, and reading there for ten years. A few years ago Easy Going had to close their brick […]

Travel Channel: Photo Journeys

I love that the Travel Channel is featuring top photographers. They’ve started a section called Photo Journeys and so far they’ve got three artists represented including my friend Alison Wright. Each “photo journey” consists of a slideshow with captions from the photographer and a travelogue or dispatch from their trip […]

Amanda Congdon vs. 7 Days in a Sentra

It seems like these are the two most prevalent marketing campaigns in the travel world right now. I’m hearing about them everywhere. So, I did a Google fight between them 7 Days in a Sentra: Just what the title says, Marc Horowitz lived in his car for a week. And […]

18 Gifts for Writers

We writers are kind of particular sometimes, which can make it hard to find good gifts for writers. Here’s a few great ideas from one writer to another. I’ve never been this excited about the holidays – so early! The day after thanksgiving retail anarchy and all the sales that […]

Collecting National Geographic

By sheer happenstance I was surfing through Craigslist and found a collection of National Geographic magazines from 1985-2005. The seller was only asking for $25. The magazines are in top condition. I couldn’t believe what a treasure I had come across. My grandmother has a collection dating back to at […]

The Travel Gear Blog is Alive and Kicking

Mika Lepisto, has revived BootsnAll’s Travel Gear Blog—and it’s jamming. If you remember, our friend Joe Ehrlich started it a few years ago. Mika has given the site a makeover as a part of BnA’s Logue It series, and they’re looking for more writers. As you would expect, the Travel […]

Calvin and Hobbes Talk about Writing

This is the first of four panels where Calvin and Hobbes are discussing writing. Click here for the full strip. I found it on a random Google search. Wikipedia has an extensive page on Calvin and Hobbes, in case you wanted to know more about this treasured strip and the […]

Gridskipper Contest: Win Wallpaper City Guides

Here’s a chance to score some glossy guidebooks. Gridskipper wants your best city itineraries: Pick one of the 20 cities featured in Wallpaper’s new City Guides series and describe how to best spend $100 in a day. The itinerary you propose for $100 US dollars should not include lodging, but […]