Something Different

How Well Traveled Are You?

I found How Well Traveled Are You?”How Well Traveled Are You? on Kelly’s Lost in Place…she’s preparing to bump up her travel averages. What you do is fill out a list of places you’ve been (they don’t have all of them), and then it calculates percentages for you. I don’t […]

Wildcam: Thank you National Geographic!

I’d like to think that I would be this in love with the Pete’s Pond webcam if it wasn’t named Pete. But come on, there’s something special about the name Pete or Peter. Have you ever met one you didn’t like? Now, don’t let me waste your time with nonsense […]

Lonely Planet Podcasts

Well, it didn’t take Lonely Planet long to jump on my favorite bandwagon! I love the podcasting….And Don George is the host! Lonely Planet Travelcasts Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of podcasts, they explain it to you. So far they’ve got two up, one on Southern Thailand in recovery […]

Travel Reads in the Web World

Here are some travel reads that have crossed my desk recently…hopefully you can check them out….just in case I don’t find the time. Frank Bures’s book review of Paul Theroux’s Blinding Light, “Sex, Drugs and Fish Salad,” [World Hum] “Timbuktu for the Timid,” by Cynthia Barnes, a contributor to Whose […]

Seeking mobile professionals

Tonya at Adventure Journalist is in the developing stages of a new blog project and wants to talk with professionals who spend the majority of their time on the road. I figured some WR readers might be able to assist, as travel writers are one group she is targeting. At […]

Are You a Jetrosexual? Virgin Atlantic Wants to Know

This is excellent. A contest to find a hip and active traveler. They’re not talking about budget travelers, so if you are one, please don’t whine. So what if this doesn’t fit you exactly. I think plenty of my friends would consider me a jetrosexual, but there’s one problem….I haven’t […]

Women in Print Closes Sept 11

Wow. Another indie store closes. I wonder if there is a clock somewhere that tells us how many independently owned stores close in a single day—from all types retail—not just books. I found Women in Print, a feminist bookstore in Vancouver, a few years ago when I did a Google […]

Are Editors On the Endangered Species List?

If you needed a good editor, could you find one? Big thanks to Raj for alerting us to this article from The Observer. “Black day for the blue pencil,” by an unknown author. (I went to credit the author and it’s not even attached to the online article. Shame.) I […]