Something Different

Rite in the Rain

The Moleskine notebook is wonderfully designed and very popular for journaling on the road, but what about when nature calls for something sturdier? Outdoor adventure writers may want to swap style for durability so precious words don’t fade off the page in a downpour. Lifehacker recently mentioned the Rite in […]

Amazon wants Authors?

I just read on Jay’s Anthem Book Blog that Amazon wants content from authors. He took it from a Publishers Weekly article, “Amazon House? New Program Would Commission Work, Sell it like iTunes.” So, they’re seeking content from authors and are willing to pay .49 cents a download. Read the […]

Pearls Before Swine on Book Signings

I like Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis. This week they did some strips on book signings. March 21: Goat and Zebra talk about Rat’s new book, Dickie the Cockroach. March 22: Rat’s booksigning March 23: Rat defines comic strips to someone at his author event March 24: Stephan Pastis […]

Do you have photos of the South Pacific?

Just a quick call to let you know Travelers’ Tales is on the hunt for a picture of the South Pacific? As in, immediately. Today. If any of you travel photographers have some in your current portfolio, send them on over to staff at travelerstales dot com. As for the […]

Falling Asleep To Bill Bryson

I didn’t know iPods had a sleep function. I already wanted one, but now…I, you, we can fall asleep peacefully, the loud whirring of ideas slowly reducing themselves to a small humming background buzz. In “iPods Defeating Insomnia,” I could relate to the author’s trouble with turning off the brain […]

Buy a Date with Jen Leo

That's right, I am going to auction myself off for a night and it has nothing to do with book promotion. Though I will bring some signed books in an effort to send you home with a decent parting gift. Nope, this is for a good cause. And I don’t […]

X Quest and Geo Greats on CTV

OK, so what kind of satellite dish cable TV do I need to have to get a Canadian channel? “X marks the spot for adventure travel” by Kathy Muldoon tells us of some good programming this month. X-Quest, Sat., Feb. 19 at 9 p.m. on CTV Travel: The use of […] Making Life That Much Easier

I haven't heard anyone talking about this down in Palo Alto yet, but I bet that’ll change soon. My new hood is where they’re from so maybe I'll meet some of the brains behind this beaut. Seeing storefronts before you go…Lets see…who is the biggest signage company we can buy […]

So You Wanna Write A Bestseller…

USA Today's Book section has an article that tells you what the big pubs are looking for. “After ‘America,’ a liberal dose of political satire” I bet Wonkette could sell a good book. Maybe not 1.9 million copies….but more than enough to make some big bucks. I saw her the […]

NYU Management Forum for Independent Publishers

Ok, so the title of the post makes this conference sound really nerdy. But I would love to take this. Why? Because it’s book people talking about different ways an indpendent publisher can sell more books. NYU’d Third Management Forum for Independent Publishers MARKETING: GOALS, STRATEGIES, AND ACTION PLANS FOR […]