Wise words from Jonathan Lorie

And as a follow up to last week’s post … …I asked Jonathan Lorie, the director of Travellers’ Tales and ex-editor of Traveller magazine, a few questions. How much of a traveller writer’s success depends upon their raw talent and how much comes from hard work, determination and practice? “You […]

Thanks and Farewell

During this weekend of thanks I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to the incredibly supportive community of readers, writers and travelers that I’ve encountered during my stint as a Written Road contributor. Through this engaging interactive network I’ve been able to grow my very own global network of friends, […]

Road Recovery

Hey Written Roadies… I’m fresh off a five month jaunt through Europe and am currently recovering at my folks place in New York while I plot my next moves. The journey was incredible…and I’ve got memories (and stories!!) to last a lifetime…that means a lot more writing in my future. […]

Introducing Terah Shelton

I’ve been promising the addition of new volunteer writers on Written Road so we can expand this community, and we finally got it going! Kelly Amabile was our first and is off seeing the world with more than 100 days under her belt. Now, Terah Shelton is here and she’s […]

New Marketplace on Written Road

Hey everybody, I’m really excited to show you our new Marketplace. See that colorful button on the side? That’s for you. I get lots of inquiries from publishers and travel companies that want me to talk about their product. Well, now, they can say what they want to say. The […]

Written Road Growth Spurt

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to let you know that Written Road is going through a big growth spurt. We’re going to be adding writers, putting up some ads, and sending out a weekly newsletter. I’ve recruited some help with the content, and BootsnAll is pitching in with staff and […]

Where Are You Reading Written Road From?

I’ve always been thrilled to hear from Written Road fans from all over the world including India, France, South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, etc. But now I just found this cool map that lets you easily flag which part of the world you’re from. Lets see how many different places […]