Interview: Tim Patterson

Working in the online travel writing community means that sometimes you feel like you know people without having ever met them. Such is the case with Tim Patterson. A well known name on the Matador Network, he’s the editor of Matador Trips and a contributing editor at Brave New Traveler. […]

Interview: David Miller

Anyone that’s familiar with the online travel writing world will know the name Matador Travel. That’s right, it’s the networking site for us travel lovers that have a desire to write about all of our adventures. I had the opportunity to catch up with Matador’s Editor David Miller about working, […]

Interview: Cullen Thomas

I ran into Cullen Thomas around NYC during a few writer events and he was kind enough to agree to an interview for Written Road. He is the author of Brother One Cell, a book about his time in a South Korean prison, and his work has appeared in Salon, […]