Interview: Ross Borden

As we continue our series of interviews in travel media, co-founder of Matador Travel Ross Borden sits down to answer questions on creating their rapidly expanding site, The Traveler’s Notebook, the Bounty Board , his personal travel preferences, and much, much, more. Enjoy! Written Road: How did you first become […]

Travel-Writing Web 2.0

For those who haven’t seen this already, there is a great interview with Tim Leffel done by our friends at Brave New Traveler. With everything under the sun moving online at an incredibly fast pace, the future of travel-writing on the Internet is a hot topic. I personally think that […]

Interview: David Farley

Writer David Farley has been featured in notable publications such as The Washington Post, Perceptive Travel, and Playboy. He was the co-editor of Travelers’ Tales Prague and teaches travel writing at Gotham Writers’ Workshop and New York University. His book on his search for the foreskin of Jesus will be […]