Rolf Potts: The Virtual Tour

Travel writer Rolf Potts just finished a Virtual Tour, doing numerous interviews all across the blogosphere, to celebrate the release of his new book Marco Polo Didn’t Go There: Stories and Revelations From One Decade as a Postmodern Travel Writer. There is loads of good stuff out there as a […]

Wise words from Jonathan Lorie

And as a follow up to last week’s post … …I asked Jonathan Lorie, the director of Travellers’ Tales and ex-editor of Traveller magazine, a few questions. How much of a traveller writer’s success depends upon their raw talent and how much comes from hard work, determination and practice? “You […]

Travellers’ Tales Announce Three Break-through Master Classes

To continue the theme of Abha’s latest post, there’s lots to gain from one of Travellers’ Tales Travel Writing and Photography workshops; even if you’ve already nailed some paid commissions. They offer practice, practice and more practice, professional and peer appraisals and the chance to add a few more industry […]

Introducing Anna, Kelly, and Tim…

I want to formally introduce our three new writers here at Written Road: Kelly Anne Pipes, Tim Shisler, and Anna Brones. You will see their post here on the site begining next week. You can learn more about them and read their bios on our profile page. Each brings their […]

Matador Launches 8 Million New Websites

I mean 8. Still, in the online travel website medium that’s muchissimo. This is good news for budding travel writers that want a entry level market to break in and earn enough for a few drinks. They now have 9 total sites: MatadorTravel: Social network with blogs, photos, forums, paid […]

The Tommy Kohnstamm Fallout

Ok, so this LP thing is everywhere now. There are AP articles on the Yahoo homepage. Polls being given about the trustfullness of guidebooks. Boycotts of Do Travel Writers Go To Hell: A Swashbuckling Tale of High Adventures, Questionable Ethics & Professional Hedonism . An interview with Kohnstamm at World […]

Someone Scratched My LP

I don’t know if anyone has been following the news that has been creaping up all over the media the past few days, but guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has been hit by a renegade author, Thomas Kohnstamm, who is claiming that he sold drugs to compensate for his lousy authors […]

Wend Magazine Goes Digital; free issue

Wend Magazine, an Oregon based adventure sports print magazine has recently launched a digital version. Not only that they are giving away the first issue free. They still have the print version if you prefer, but actually a digital subscription is almost half as much.