Resources for Writers

Hi, My Name Is Tim, And I Am An Alcoholic

Okay not really, but if the expense account is big enough…. Last night while smashed up against the uber-fit writing crowd of Boulder, Colorado (read: I just ran a marathon and decided to swim a mile to cool down), I kept hearing the theme of online journalism popping up. Now […]

Job Lead: WCities intern

The internet is the place to be when it comes to travel writing, and if you are in the San Francisco area, there is an internship at WCities which may be a great place to start. The intern will be working with one of the Assistant Editors who is in […]

Job Lead: Travel-Stories New Orleans

TravelSmith is looking for writers for 3 upcoming pieces to be included in their online travel newsletter. The writers must be either local to New Orleans or have recent experience there. Submissions will be accepted for the following topics: – New Orleans – what to see, do, eat, and buy […]