New magazine launch: Monocle

I always get an inexplicable kick when I hear of new magazine launches by prominent figures in the publishing industry, although I am not sure why. Guess it’s all about the ‘scoop value’, as I’d like to call it. Wallpaper* founder and Financial Times columnist Tyler Brûlé has just launched […]

MapQuest Publishing

According to this USA Today article, MapQuest announced the formation of MapQuest Publishing, which will produce travel guidebooks, along with a series of atlases and laminated street maps. Their affinity travel guides are tailored to interests like auto racing, campgrounds and college searches. Publishers Weekly has more on this move […]

HarperCollins: Publisher Branding

Ok, I'll admit it, I didn't know that HarperCollins started author tours. And I have never even heard of Jane Friedman. But considering how big I am on author events, tours, and book publicity in general— I was happy to read this article. Michael Crichton? He’s Just the Author” by […]

SF Chronicle Book Review

It's kind of funny that I was in the Travelers’ Tales office working all day today and didn’t even know that we were written up in the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review. Heidi Benson did a terrific recap of the event for A Sense of Place. Go check it out […]

Greenline Publications’ Fun Seeker’s Series

Have you guys ever heard of Greenline Publications? They are a small travel publisher based in San Francisco. I only recently heard of them when they had a job posting out for a Managing Editor. But I didn’t apply because the timing wasn’t right. Well, it looks like they’re moving […]

Rough Guides Directions

Rough Guides has released a new line of city guides called Directions. Here’s a description from their press release. “DIRECTIONS are an original alternative for visitors on a short break, travellers in a hurry or weekenders who want a quick fix with attitude. Full of the detailed research you’d expect […]

Big Bad Penguin

I was cruising Boing Boing today because I heard they had a post on a new OREILLY magazine called Make. But I was happy to get sidetracked with this other story: Penguin Putnam’s racketeering domain-name scam It seems that the big dogs are hounding some woman over a domain name, […]

Fodor’s and The Terminal

When I read the “Right This Way” post about Fodor’s getting a spot in the movie The Terminal, the PR girl in me wanted to know how they got such a good publicity score. In the movie, Tom Hanks’s “only source of knowledge of the outside world is a special-edition […]