Travel Books

Pauline Frommer’s Guidebooks

The Frommer name has been coupled with travel since 1957 when Arthur Frommer published Europe on $5 a day. Since, millions of tourists (including myself) have used the Frommer’s travel guidebooks as a useful tool when planning an overseas trip. After perusing Frommer’s Dollar a Day books when I was […]

A Sense of the World: The Blind Traveler

This 2006 release by Jason Roberts sounds fascinating, and the backstory of how the book came to be is interesting too. A Sense of the World tells the incredible story of James Holman, a former British Royal Navy officer and forgotten travel author. Holman lost his sight from an illness […]

Longitude’s Favorite Books About Place

Here’s another place to wander if you’re looking for something to read during these last lazy days of summer. In their just released August newsletter, the guys at Longitude Books have compiled a top 25 list of their favorite books about place, which they describe as a mixture of travelogues, […]

Submission Call: More Sand in My Bra!

Hey all you crazy travelers, get writing! Yes, it’s true. We’re adding another title to this zany series of misadventures. But this time we’re going back to where it all began—Sand in My Bra. This title remains the most successful book in the series and is still one of the […]

Boldtype’s Escape Issue

Still looking for the right book to throw in your beach bag? Try Boldtype’s just released August issue, Escape, which features a unique collection of travel-inspired titles. The list of fiction and nonfiction books includes works by Rory Stewart, Bil Buford, Pagan Kennedy, Daniel Kalder, Giorgio Bassani, Tony Perrottet, Andrea […]

Frugal Traveler

Imagine having the opportunity to travel around the world. Imagine writing about your experiences. Imagine having those experiences published in the New York Times. Welcome to Matt Gross’ life as the Frugal Traveler. Frugal Traveler on the Road Frugal Traveler sets out to hopscotch the globe using low-cost carriers, buses, […]

Doug Lansky’s Signspotting Best Sign Contest

I just got Doug Lansky’s Signspotting book this week, and it’s crazy fun. You know, all those weird signs you see when you’re traveling- the kind that don’t quite fit with the scenery, in or out of context? Well, funloving travel vet Doug Lansky has compiled a book of them […]

Hey Savages, Go Get Your J. Maarten Troost!

Thanks, to World Hum, I just found out that the new Troost is out! I loved the Sex Lives of Cannibals—Troost’s wit is hard to beat. He is F–U–N–N–Y! Here’s some info on the new book: Getting Stoned with Savages:“Troost struggles against typhoons, earthquakes, and giant centipedes and soon finds […]

Donna Talarico’s Query-A-Day

What a cool writer! Sure, we all say we should start doing this, but Donna actually is. She’s making a concentrated effort to get more bylines. Her new blog, Query a Day: A Freelancer’s Quest for Publication, documents her daily efforts. She’s pitching Oprah Magazine, working on a children’s book, […]

Michael Palin’s Himalaya

Has anyone read Michael Palin’s Himalaya book? I just saw this article on, “Python actor’s book to be required reading.” Himalaya by Michael Palin. I haven’t read it. But I bet we can all think of a few required reading travel books we’d like to add to our nearest […]