Sand In My Bra

Submission Call: More Sand in My Bra!

Hey all you crazy travelers, get writing! Yes, it’s true. We’re adding another title to this zany series of misadventures. But this time we’re going back to where it all began—Sand in My Bra. This title remains the most successful book in the series and is still one of the […]

Postcard from Laos

This just in from Leif Pettersen, a travel writer who has made money from market leads here on Written Road. “I found “Sand in My Bra” sitting in the book exchange in my guesthouse here in Luang Prabang, Laos. I’m super pumped. I gonna trade “Chasing Che” for it. From […]

Thai Sand in My Bra

Guess what Travelers’ Tales got in last week? The Thai translation of Sand in My Bra! I had no idea that someone had approached us for this, but it looks pretty cool. Now we’ve got one in Dutch and Thai. Here it is…

Will Saddam Hussein Read Sand in My Bra?

World Hum has a hilarious post on their blog today about Saddam’s potential new hobby as an armchair traveller. Jim suggested a few books for him to open while he’s biding his time, and Sand in My Bra made the cut. I’m still laughing because I had the immediate thought […]

Distant Lands 2003 Book of the Year

WOW. Huge thanks, Distant Lands! Sand in My Bra was just named 2003 Book of the Year from Distant Lands in Pasadena. This came as quite a surprise. I had just said hello to Adrian, one of the Distant Lands owners at the ITSA Party in Chicago and he hadn’t […]