Sand In My Bra

Sandy Sales Overseas

If you thought I was done promoting Sand in My Bra, you were wrong. I had a terrific event with the American Women’s Club in Belgium today. It was held for the Mothers of Young Children group, but open to all in the club. The event had been publicized in […]

More Awards

I wanted to blog about awards today and was shocked to discover that I’d missed the deadline for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards (June 15, 2004) I guess I was too busy being all excited about winning the NATJA award, that I missed signing up for the […]

Yahooo, Thanks Again NATJA

I got the Chicago trip! Full details to come, but I’m very pleased. EVERYONE I know wanted me to get the Maldives trip but it was such a romantic getaway, I might’ve stressed all year about a date. No offense, Susan. Or Heather, who was the only one who emailed […]

Thanks Canterbury Books

I was shocked today to find out that Canterbury Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin is closing. I had just been thinking about them the other day when I was debating on doing an end of the year roundup of blog posts I wished I’d gotten around to completing. I have no […]

Panties Deadline Extended

I've had a few emails come in requesting extensions on the Panties deadline, and of course you can still turn in your stories. Please send them to submit at (in the normal email format), instead of to my personal email address. And if this is all news to you, […]

We Need Steve Irwin!

We got an email this week unlike any other we've ever received. It was from our Australian distributor, Tower Books, saying that our shipment of 200 copies of Sand in My Bra was held up on the docks in Sydney. When Customs inspected it they found snakes in the crate. […]


I was quite pleased with myself for taking a couple days off the computer while returning from Detroit and getting my things together before Belgium. Now I know better. I missed a huge email that said I won the Grand Prize from the North American Travel Journalists Association. I’m still […]

The Winning Bra!

And the Winner Is….. The “Tropical Delight” bra! Joyce Block from Chicago who donated her bra at The Savvy Traveller on October 9 is the winner of ten free autographed copies of Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures and ten Travelers’ Tales t-shirts. Just in time to give to […]

Home Sweet Homecoming

I am officially back. Some were suprised to see me at the Tim Cahill event last week at Easy Going, but that’s because it was stealth. I hadn’t told people I was back yet, for sanity’s sake. I crashed hard around week 6.5-7 of the tour and except for at […]

Sand at Charis Books in Atlanta

The event at Charis Books Wednesday night was a great way to end the tour! Most of the women’s events I’ve been to have been rather small, so I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise, Charis is in a league of their own. They are celebrating their 29th birthday Nov […]