Sand In My Bra

In the middle of endings and beginnings

Yesterday was my last day of driving. It was eight hours long. I held my own at the craps table Monday night, and resisited a morning roll before heading off to Atlanta. We left at 10:30 and got to Raj and PK’s by 8pm. Homemade Chinese food, curry, and Oz […]

Return to Memphis

Memphis was so great the last time around, I came back. Royal Stewart and Hugh Hollowell of Midtown Books on Madison were so good to me how could I not return? Seriously, it felt like we were instant friends the first time I met them some 3,000 miles ago. Hugh […]

Sand at Harry Schwartz in WI

I went to Milwaukee to give some books to radio stations. More guerrilla marketing. And now I’m going to quote Jack Nicholson from that movie where he’s an obsessive compulsive. “Don’t you be like me!” Remember when he was telling that to the dog? Obviously it goes against the grain […]

Q and A

Here are some questions that I've been asked this week: Q. Are you burned out? A. No. I’m not burned out, but I feel a lot of self pressure to make this last ten days or so worthwhile. That stress can come out in various ways including negativity and fear. […]

Sand in Packerville

Chicago to Green Bay, WI is a nice drive. It doesn’t quite have the serenity of Virginia and Eastern Tennessee, but oh how I love all this farmland. Who knows if I’d go stir crazy if I actually lived in it, but I do like looking at the barns and […]

It’s Blitz Time!

I'm in the final stretch of the tour, and only have three events scheduled. So, this weekend I made more flyers and put togther some covers/mkg blurbs to pass out at the many schools that are here in and around Chicago. I'm at Kinko’s now and yesterday I made a […]

Sand at the Savvy Traveller

I finally got to THE Savvy Traveller. This is the best travel store in the country and I've looked up to them since I first heard about them in my early years at Travelers' Tales. I tried to tell this to owners Sandye and Iris, but I think they thought […]

Look Who’s Jumping on the Bandwagon

I just did a Google search for Sand in My Bra and found new sites that are helping us promote the book. North Shore libraries in New Zealand…I think I should go do an event there. Thanks to Sue Richards, The Breast Site has a blurb for us on the […]

I Should’ve Known

I had a feeling this morning that I shouldn't be going to the event today at the Grailville Art Center. It wasn’t a stong feeling, just one of concern. So I called. The coordinator sounded like he had forgotten about me and hadn’t put any signs up. They run a […]

Sand and the First Lady

When I got to the National Bookfest on the mall in DC, I noticed a camera crew around a small mass of people. Then I saw the body guards. But they just weren’t any bodyguards. I dropped my load, grabbed a book and ran over to the crowd. It was […]