The Thong Also Rises

And Now for a Good Review

The other day we had talked about getting a bad review. Today there is a good review. See how it works? It all just is what it is. This is from Inside Bay Area. “The Thong Also Rises” (Travelers’ Tales, $14.95) edited by Jennifer L. Leo is the third in […]

Catch Jen Leo on the Radio Airwaves Near You

Thanks everybody for your interest in hearing my foray into the airwaves. Here is the current schedule. We have a few more to line up, but I’ll just add it to this list and then update via the comment board. We’re doing this to promote the Leo Trio, and especially […]

Radio Promotion for The Thong Also Rises

Radio promotion has begun. We hired Event Management for both a radio and print campaign. After some 5:00 a.m. misuderstandings yesterday, I started today. The station was going to give me a wake up call, but after missing one yesterday I woke up before my 5:30 alarm. In fact, I […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Seattle

The Seattle area remains one of my favorite areas for doing author events. There are so many indie bookstores within driving distance, and each has their own book loving staff. As you know, the tour has been more miss than hit, so I was crossing my fingers that Seattle would […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Seattle

I’ve been to Seattle several times, mostly for tour. But today she’s really shining. Last night I was a bit sad to leave my new home and had to mentally gear up for all the energy it would take to make this week of events fly. But this morning I […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Las Vegas

Dear So and So, You know you’re on a book tour when it’s 8am and you say to yourself, I need a drink. But realizing that a statement like that could be miscontrued into your whole fanbase thinking you have a drinking problem, you quickly revise (even though it’s an […]

Dutch Book Reviews

The first book reviews for The Thong Also Rises are in! Only….they’re in Dutch. I think…. My Google News Alert sent me to a BookCrossing link from Holland. If any body can translate, please let me know if they liked it. I think someone might’ve—I saw a smiley face and […]

The Book Tour Diaries, The Drive

On the drive, about an hour out from Memphis… When I called my friend Hugh to tell him what I saw, he said with no surprise, “Welcome to the South, Hon!” Read on to see who was driving the truck!!! It gets better….