The Thong Also Rises

The Book Tour Diaries, Milwaukee

Dear So and So, I can’t tear myself away from this lovely town. I’m sitting in a booth at Comet on Farwell Street. Jennifer, the event coordinator at Harry Schwartz Books recommended it. They provide “slow food” and drinks. I picked a part some bacon cakes and am about to […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Chicago

Chicago is great. Period. I’ve been to Chicago the most of any other city in the U.S. (and the world, for that matter). I seriously considered moving here before I got set on the Vegas move. What you should know about Chicago is that they have the biggest and best […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Madison

Dear So and So, I am always pleased to find happy women running women’s bookstores that seem to be alive and well. They are never millionaires and they could always handle considerably more business, but it’s always refreshing to find ones that are not down and out. A Room of […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Dude, Pimp My Ride

If only the West Coast Customs boyz had been here. But they weren’t, so I did the best I could. And yes, it works! People stop me, wave at me, honk, and cheer. It just goes to show you, there’s more than one way to skin a book tour! Back […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Indiana

Thursday, October 6, 2005 Dear So and So, There are two things I’ve learned since I started doing book tours: 1. Driving around in a car day after day with the air condition on will give you six wrinkles per eye. Some years, seven. 2. Every fast food establishment has […]

The Book Tour Diaries, Joseph-Beth

The picture on the left is the table set up at “Girls Night Out” with Joseph-Beth in Cincinatti, OH. They were superb to work with. In fact, they made a life size poster of the cover with my name as big as it gets, and hung it from the ceiling […]


UPDATE: The event at Big Hat Books will not happen tomorrow night. When I called and asked what time they wanted me, they asked if we could reschedule. I’m sorry for the few that wrote in and wanted to meet me. Also, the SAVVY TRAVELLER travel writing workshop has been […]

Left Coast Writers Party for The Thong Also Rises

You’ve heard me mention how great the Left Coast Writers are before, but there’s nothing like coming out with a new book and having a ready made group of friends and writing enthusiasts want to support your work and celebrate with you! Linda Watanabe McFerrin made this great group happen, […]