Travelers’ Tales

Sand Pics From Powell’s

Last week I posted that I had been to Powell’s in Portland and found copies of Sand in My Bra in the travel writing section. It's a big shelf, but I was able to turn the four copies to an optimal position. I was also happy to see that they […]

Making it All Work

I didn't know what to write about today. Hence the post at 3pm. This weekend I got a call back from a copywriting job I applied for in San Diego. They want to see my writing samples, which I’m sure I provided in the application as requested. A dad-like friend […]

Sand on the Shelves

I spent the weekend in Portland and got the opportunity to introduce some friends to Powell's Bookstore. We joked ahead of time that we only had an hour to browse. If any of you have been to Powell’s with their multileveled color coded rooms, you know that an hour is […]

Sand Out the Door

Good news from Susan at TT. She says that we're through with our initial print run of 10,000 and half way through our second run of 4,000. Plus, only 22 returns so far. This is a good start, and a great start for a small publisher. Let’s keep them moving!

Blitzing for Sand

I'm hired! Travelers' Tales wants to make the most of this crucial launch period for Sand in My Bra, so they've offered me the opportunity to work full time out of their office for the first two weeks in July. I'll be working with Krista, and our new intern Ken, […]

Reviews of Sand

It's great to see and hear people talking about Sand in My Bra. Susan called yesterday to let me know that the Chronicle ran a review of it and A Woman’s World in the Datebook section. Two women discover Zen of globe-trotting While I don’t agree with the author’s premise […]

Sand at North Beach Festival

Travelers’ Tales lovers Krista, Tara, Kathy, and Tanya are helping Larry Habegger with our annual appearance at the North Beach Festival in San Francisco. It is fun and rewarding to connect with our regular fans as well as introduce the series to those who’ve never heard of us. I takes […]

Sand on the Booksense Bestseller List

Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux, Calvin Trillin, Isabel Allende, Jennifer L. Leo in that order for spots 3-7 of the top bestselling travel literature books this past month! What am I talking about? Sand in My Bra was #7 on a list of bestselling travel literature books as tallied by more […]

Sand at Distant Lands

Wow, what a great event! Louann from Distant Lands had stopped by the Travelers' Tales booth at BEA a few times to let us know how much they were looking forward to the event, and it showed. When I arrived they had a big frame around our Sand poster in […]

Getting Set Up at BEA

Krista, Susan, and Alex had a fairly simple time setting up the booth today. Comparatively to the past few years anyway. They say it looks good, if anyone will get to see it. Yep, we got stuck in a far corner of the West Hall and apparently it's terrible for […]