Whose Panties Are These

Meet Me in LA Tonight!

I love Distant Lands! Last year Sand in My Bra was their #1 best selling title. A true honor. Well, it’s time to encourage Whose Panties Are These? to do the same. Come out with me tonight! Where: Distant Lands, 56 S. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105 When: 7:30pm What […]

My Latest Publicity Stunt

I'm at Travelers’ Tales today going through our media database and sending off radio pitches. I must be hungry for brownies and ice cream or something because I just took my PR crazyness to a new level. Women’s Entertainment 200 Jericho Quadrangle Jericho, NY 11753 ATTN: Janitor(ess) FOR DELIVERY TO […]

Panties Panties Panties!

Oh man, these are great. Check out the latest entries that came in last week! You won’t want to miss “Travelers’ Utili-Panties” and “Sharon Stone’s Panties in Basic Instinct” and the “Smart Ass Travelin Pants”. Last year I tried on “The Winning Bra!”, so we’ll have to see if I […]

Litsqueeeak, I mean Litquake

Another occassion of low expectations turning out pretty dern all right. I had my 20th appearance for Whose Panties Are These? at the “The Wide World of Travel Writing” leg of the Litquake Pub Crawl. The line up was cool. Larry Habegger, Executive Editor of Travelers’ Tales, Michael Shapiro author […]

Dinner with Booksellers

This year I was the guest author for our sales rep to show around at the Great Lakes Booksellers Association Fall Trade Show. John Mesjak, who covers the Midwest for our distributor Publishers Group West, really knows his stuff. Believe me, it is quite reassuring for a publisher to witness […]

Meet Me in Chicago at the Savvy Traveller!

TONIGHT is the big event at The Savvy Traveller. For those of you who will be coming by there are three things to note: 1) It starts at 6pm. (We had it previously listed as 7pm) The store is located on South Michigan Avenue between Jackson and Van Buren. 2) […]

Well, the Debate was More Important

Tonight’s event was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Home of those pesky UM Wolverines. The staff at Nicola’s Little Professor were very excited to have us there. And I was happy to finally get to meet contributor Cynthia Barnes. Except for four travel lovers, everyone else was home to watch Kerry/Bush […]