Whose Panties Are These

Talking With My Mouthful

So I was on the phone with Susan this afternoon asking her to get some books shipped to Wordstock 2004 this weekend…all of a sudden she asks me “Are you eating junk food?” at which point I realize I left my manners in Chicago and had been chomping in her […]

More Great Underwear!

You are not going to believe what these clever women are turning in. I don’t know how we are going to pick one winner. I might have to make an addendum to this contest and give out some ribbons or something for different categories. Such as, panties that: —made me […]

Whose Panties at Third Place Books

I had been talking up Third Place Books to Deanna and Barb all week. Last year, it ranked as the most fun of all the events on the West Coast. Size-wise it was in the top five with 60 people, but it was the crowd that made it the best. […]

Appreciating Non Fame in Seattle

Thanks to the free wireless at Elliott Bay Book Company, I’m sitting near the entrance to my next author event. So far, I am not famous enough for anyone to recognize me. I’m watching and waiting to see who is going to go into the event room in the next […]

The Question Everyone is Asking…

Apparently, the underwear titles are quite a hit. I’m starting to get a taste of what Tim Cahill must go through following his titles like Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, and Pecked to Death By Ducks. Everyone is asking, “What’s the next book going to be called?!” I’ve been telling our […]

No Panties at Powell’s

Yesterday I went in to the Powell’s Travel Store on Pioneer Square. I wasn’t that surprised when I didn’t see a copy of Whose Panties Are These? out on their front tables. I figured they probably just ordered one or two and that they’d be hidden in a travel essay […]

A Taste of the Rock Star Life

The Panties tour goes to Portland, Oregon. There wasn’t a large amphitheatre, blinding lights, or thousands of fans screaming my name, but the Portland crowd at 23rd Avenue Books came to have a good time and stayed late for the backstage tour. Most of them were friends of Sean Keener, […]

Whose Panties Event at Bloomsbury Books

The drive up to Ashland was easy. I've done it several times before and mostly knew how far away I was. But I did push it. I had stayed at home until 1:30pm and got to town in just enough time before the event. Suzanne Schlosberg was already there and […]

The Fancy Pants Pictures Are Up!

Oh my gosh you ladies are funny! Susan masterminded this hilarious promotional stunt, and it's a crack up. Decorated panties are coming in to the office and we’ve got them up on WhosePanties.com. Check out the recent entries…I can’t decide which I like better, “Sports Center” or “Wanna Get Lucky?”. […]