Travel Writing Workshop Mexico

“Professional travelers are how most of the world learns about itself” – Paul Ross.

That’s gotta be the best travel quote I have read in a while.

I haven’t been to a travel-writing workshop yet (shame on me), but I would go to one just to hear more moving quotes like this that would hopefully serve as morphine for my inspiration.

On that note…
Event News: Award-winning travel journalist Judith Fein and her travel photographer husband Paul Ross will be holding a travel journalism retreat in Mexico

– You will stay in an eco-resort on a lagoon
– Visit remote and little-known archeological sites
– Cook with Maya people, visit Maya villages
– Swim, go kayaking, take a boat ride, get a free massage, three gourmet meals a day (including candlelight dinners)
AND: (most importantly)
Learn to transform these experiences into travel articles and stories. There will be daily classes in all aspects of travel journalism, and for those interested, travel photography will be demystified through group and individual instruction.




December 4-11, 2007

Yucatan, in Mexico, near Belize

Reservations can be made directly through Rancho Encantado 1.800.505 MAYA (6292) or 1.505.894.7074.
Email — bookings(at)encantado(dot)com

How much:
The total cost for the workshop, resort, excursions, entry fees, meals, massages is $1,995 per person (double occupancy).

This covers everything except airfare to Mexico.

Hmmm. Expensive, but perhaps a good investment – seems like it might be the perfect mix of work and pleasure.

For more information, go here.

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