Who’s going to BlogHer 2008?

I'm Going to BlogHer 08Well, I am!

My name is Jessica, and while you’ve not seen my name on Written Road before, I’ve written for several other websites under the vast (and seemingly ever-expanding) BootsnAll umbrella. The main website I’m responsible for is the Italy Travel Guide, but I’ll contribute to just about any site they’ll give me access to.




At any rate, I’m just popping in here to let Written Road readers know that I’ll be at the BlogHer 2008 conference in San Francisco this next weekend (July 17-20), and if you’re also going to be there I’d love to meet you. You can send me a note to let me know, or just find me at the conference and say hi (or “ciao,” whichever works). I’ll be the one who looks like this, and who’s got “Jessica” on her name tag.

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