Job Lead To Jamble On!

It’s the word for the day and I really like it:
Jamble – verb:- to explore aimlessly. i.e. 1. I jambled through the city streets, stumbling upon a…,2. he was jambling through a record store when he discovered…

Eco-friendly travel website Jamble is looking for a few writers to help further beef up it’s green + travel content.

Based out of Cardiff and Chicago, they are particularly looking for contributors who can give a different angle to their green city guides section. The section focuses on eco-friendly attractions, accommodation, transport and parks/gardens.

There are some blogs you log onto and just like. This is one of them. With our world on the brink of suffering catastrophy thanks to global-warming, it is hard not to appreciate this site.

It’s not in any way an ‘eco-zealot’ cult, nor is it pulling slogans out of Greenpeace or Live Earth, but it does shares interesting and fun insight related to being eco-friendly and traveling.




We love being green and we love to travel, but that doesn’t mean we want to spend our next holiday in a tipi woven from recycled hemp by a lost Papua New Guinea tribe…,” that’s what it’s intro begins with – put a broad smile on my face and I ended up browsing through a good section of the site.

They don’t pay (big surprise), but I strongly believe that when you are in process of building-up a clip portfolio, writing published on sites like this does count, even if they arn’t the most famous in the world.

I am slaving and writing for magazines that will publish me – and I am lucky if I get the odd dollar from any of them, but atleast I’m getting a byline somewhere other than my blog!

Besides, in the beginning it’s all about networking and getting your name out there, as much as you can! If people are willing for you to write for them, you must be doing something right.

NB: I don’t mean write for absolutely anyone, use your personal judgement and instinct – you want to make your name, not break it.

So anyway, check them out here at Jamble Magazine and drop them a line at editor[at] if your green-bone feels like a tickle.

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