Newsies, newsies, newsies

While we’re on the subject of newsletters — you want ’em, I got ’em!

Sign up here for lots of great travel writing newsletters: Newsletters that inspire travel (Daily Dose), inform on regional destinations (Regional), and offer practical and affordable resources for RTW trips (Round the World Ticket Watch, or cheap anytime travel (Cheap Ticket Links).Subscribe

Travelers’ Tales: The latest news, events, submission info, anecdotes and advice from the publishers of Stories, Wit and Wisdom from Travelers Around the World.Archive and Sign up

Wild Writing Women: Monthly news on their Literary Salon, latest books, current workshops and classes, and as always, where to see them next! July Newsletter and Sign up




Rolf Potts:Updates for friends, Vagabonders, and aspiring travel writers.Here is his current update and archive. To sign up, send a blank message to [email protected]

World Hum: Twice a month you’ll get updates to their latest stories, interviews, and the extremely informative and timely web log. Send an e-mail to get on their mailing list.

Travelwriter MarketletterAn essential $65 resource for the serious travel writer. View a sample and subscribe to their online or print version.

Lonely Planet: The Comet is the main monthly LP newsie with typical quality LP travel info and entertainment. Then there’s the fortnightly episode with globetrotter Mitchell Stevens. Subscribe to both, here.

Journeywoman Online A travel resource for women.
Sign up for her newsletter and start receiving their travel tips.

There are really hundreds of travel newsletters. Here’s the yahoo link for 80 travel newsletters.

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