Solas Awards deadline just around the corner – September 21

After a three day weekend — two of which I didn’t even check my email — it’s a little difficult to get back into the swing of things. Plus Labor Day is always an annoying indicator that summer is almost over. But fortunately the end of summer means the coming of fall and you know what that means: it’s time to submit to the annual Travelers’ Tales sponsored Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing.

The official deadline is September 21, 2008 — that’s less than three weeks away — but the awards are done annually, so if you’re late in submitting you will still be considered for next year. The best thing about the awards is that there are 21 categories, meaning that no matter what your favorite travel essay from the last year is about, there’s probably a perfect section to submit it to.

Here’s what your masterfully crafted essays can win:
Grand Prize for Best Travel Story of the Year:
$1,000 Gold
$750 Silver
$500 Bronze




Awards in categories:
Certificates and bragging rights for Gold, Silver and Bronze — sorry, there’s no cash award for category winners — plus a copy of The Best Travel Writing 2008 or The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2008.

More about submitting here.

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