Wend Magazine Seeks Food Related Submissions for New Department: “Feast”

We’ve all experienced a strange meal or two during our travels. In fact food is often one of the best ways to connect with the culture you’re traveling in; nothing brings people together better than a good meal and drink. And if you can endure whatever the local specialty may be, even better.

That’s why Wend Magazine — an adventure travel magazine based in Portland, OR — launched a new department called Feast:

Traveling the world is all about new experiences. And often, new experiences come in the form of food. Feast celebrates some of the stranger culinary encounters our writers have on the road. Whether it’s drinking Chang (rice wine steeped in rendered yak fat) in NE India, eating fried worms in Africa, or searching for the best kabob in Istanbul, Feast is dedicated to the fuel our bodies need for adventure.




Have an excellent adventurous gastronomic story to tell? Make sure to read through the Wend Magazine writer’s guidelines first! “Feast” articles should be 800 words accompanied by at least two photos.

Send Wend two clips of your work, relevant to the story you’re proposing, a summary of your experience and a brief query (story proposal) summarizing the scope of your story, estimated word count and an explanation of why you’re qualified to write it. Send your proposal to edit[at]wendmag[dot]com.


Wend pays $.25 a word, plus photos.

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